Saturday, April 6, 2013

I never talked about this to you...

So pssssst,

this post is about my new unmentionables.
Two chemises to go under lower cut dresses.



For both chemises I changed my former pattern to the measurements provided by this pattern from this page. This meant taking away about 20cm of width all around. A lot less fabric to bunch under the corset *yay*

This time I also fixed the gathers in front and back, so that the neckline is staying where it belongs.
Now this chemises are really fitting for quite low cut dresses, lower than I had planned and the measurements should be ^^ But as long as everything important is covered it's fine with me ;)
On the dress form it looks more revealing as it is on me. Catherine Howard just doesn't have any bust to fill in. There still is a little drawstring attached on the inside of the front to adjust it a bit if needed. Also I probably will shorten the straps at the shoulders a bit on the pattern, as they tend to slip from my shoulders when corseted.
The neckline is bound in matching bias tape with some lace trim on top.
Both trims have been in my stock for a few years now and as the white cotton is rather an ivory white it matched the ivory lace perfectly, which was just enough to go around the neckline and hem (here I even had to stretch it a bit ^^). So here I made the sleeve hem with a scalloped stitch in shiny ivory thread and cut of the excess.
Of the black-magenta lace I had enough and I still have some left, which might just be enough to trim some matching drawers some day. This chemise has also the five tucks the white has, even though it's not really to see on the picture.

Ok, that's it and remember, I've never been here ;)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Dressed from toe to head

Hello my dears,

I hope you had some nice Easter-holidays.

Last time I mentioned at the end of the post that I was working on a new hat to go with the grey-black dress. Last Wednesday night I got done with it.

While the general shape was quickly decided on (I took a medium high crown based on the TV550 pattern) I had a hard time deciding on the trimming. Especially as my first idea didn't work out. I had planned to use the same pleated trim as I did on the dress, but it turned out too wide for the hat. Maybe if I had used a taller shape it'd have worked.

So I had to rethink my decoration, but still wanted to use a pleated trim to match the dress. I then used a 4cm wide satin ribbon I had in my stock (from my last hatmaking) and worked it in the same manor as the dress trim: Small boxpleats with a velvet ribbon on top.

Although the dress is rather plain in style, you will remember that we're still talking victorian, so there had to be more than a pleated ribbon to go round the crown. Some flowery stuff and some ostrich plumes were in order. The latter I had to order first and after they arrived early last week, I started to really decorate the hat. I googled on flowers mad of satin ribbon and other fabric, but in the end I just made the simple gathered version. Two big and three small flowers, sewn on with a grey pearl in the middle.
I didn't want to go overboard this time, so I hope you agree with me that the hat is matching the dress.

A close up of the trimming with and without flash

Tell me how you like it :)

Next time I'll show you my new chemises. Stay tuned.

P.S. Has anyone else problems updating their sidebar lists? Everytime I want to change something, it tells me to correct the error. I can only delete it and create a new list. Really annoying...